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Diameter AVP Query about the validity time?

+1 vote

The validity time is defined by IETF in Credit-control answer, but the same AVP is not used in 3GPP specification, but for my use case, can use it as IETF defined or make it customized AVP?

posted May 14, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+2 votes

Let me first define the Validity Time: Whenever Validity-Time is expired, the Diameter credit-control client MUST send a new Credit-Control-Request to the credit-control server.

Now coming to CCA and validity time, following is the CCA format -

   <Credit-Control-Answer> ::= < Diameter Header: 272, PXY >
                                  < Session-Id >
                                  { Result-Code }
                                  { Origin-Host }
                                  { Origin-Realm }
                                  { Auth-Application-Id }
                                  { CC-Request-Type }
                                  { CC-Request-Number }
                                  [ User-Name ]
                                  [ CC-Session-Failover ]
                                  [ CC-Sub-Session-Id ]
                                  [ Acct-Multi-Session-Id ]
                                  [ Origin-State-Id ]
                                  [ Event-Timestamp ]
                                  [ Granted-Service-Unit ]
                                 *[ Multiple-Services-Credit-Control ]
                                  [ Cost-Information]
                                  [ Final-Unit-Indication ]
                                  [ Check-Balance-Result ]
                                  [ Credit-Control-Failure-Handling ]
                                  [ Direct-Debiting-Failure-Handling ]
                                  [ Validity-Time]
                                 *[ Redirect-Host]
                                  [ Redirect-Host-Usage ]
                                  [ Redirect-Max-Cache-Time ]
                                 *[ Proxy-Info ]
                                 *[ Route-Record ]
                                 *[ Failed-AVP ]
                                 *[ AVP ]

which has Validity-Time as optional AVP (AVP-Code - 448), you you have the option of include or exclude in CCA.

Now coming to your query in case of 3GPP and IETF mismatch in format (though I have not checked) in this case you have the option to have user defined AVP (custom AVP) and use as per your need. Please let me know if you have any further doubt.

PS: Registered user has better chances of problem resolution as compare to unregistered user.

answer May 14, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
How do you know that Validity Time AVP is optional? is it established in the RFC's?
Not check RFC now but I believe its a "MAY" field and AVP is not present then the associated quota is valid indefinitely.
+2 votes

Ro (Gy - 32.299) uses Validity-Time AVP in CCA- at least the newer versions.
If you want to use it in some other interface like Gx, it is fine, CCA can be extended - as long as the peer (client) knows that it will get this AVP and can handle it.

answer May 14, 2014 by Rathnakumar Kayyar
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