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Diameter : When the Multi-Round-Time-Out AVP is used and the significance of its presence in a Diameter answer message ?

+1 vote

I am not able to understand the significance of this AVP from rfc3588. Can someone please explain in simple word ?

posted Apr 5, 2016 by Harshita

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Harishita,

If you refer RFC - 3588 as the description says, the AVP is used when Result Code set to "DIAMETER_MULTI_ROUND_AUTH".

DIAMETER_MULTI_ROUND_AUTH explains:- that this informational error is returned by a Diameter server to inform the access device that the authentication mechanism being used requires multiple round trips, and a subsequent request needs to be issued in order for access to be granted.

Few more points I would like to add for this AVP, it is used with "Diameter Network Access Server Application".

So more details we can get from Section 9.1 Page 55-58


answer Jul 5, 2016 by Chinmoy Padhi
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I was going through rfc3588 and could not understand when a Diameter Server/Agent adds Error-Reporting -Host AVP within the answer message.

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I know Diameter client can re-transmit the request message until it receives the answer message.
But what about when a Diameter node has sent answer message to the last received request from its peer and that's is not received but its peer. In this case, from Diameter client node transaction is not completed since it did not receive answer message but from other node point of view it has responded with answer and transaction is completed.

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