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Diameter:Difference between Vendor-Id presents as an independent AVP and within the Vendor-Specific-Application-ID AVP ?

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I saw Capabilities-Exchange-Request and Capabilities-Exchange-Answer messages. In CER message there are two places where Vendor-Id AVP is present, one as an independent AVP and the other one as part of Vendor-Specific-Application-Id AVP. If both of them are present in request message then both will be having same value or can hold different values.

posted Aug 3, 2016 by Rupam

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1 Answer

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Both will contain the same value (val=10415).

After establishing the transport connection, the PCRF and the AF shall advertise the support of the Rx specific Application by including the value of the application identifier in the Auth-Application-Id AVP and the value of the 3GPP (10415) in the Vendor-Id AVP of the Vendor-Specific-Application-Id AVP contained in the Capabilities-Exchange-Request and Capabilities-Exchange-Answer commands.

Refer the below specs for more clarity.

1.3GPP TS 29.214 version 7.4.0 Release 7

2.RFC 3588

answer Oct 22, 2016 by Sanjeet Singh
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