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What is the default behavior of the GGSN if no Validity Time AVP is sent from the OCS?

+2 votes

Does the GGSN have an internal validity time configuration to terminate a gprs session?

posted Jan 5, 2016 by Ronald Hudson

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Usually there is an inactivity time which can be used for a bearer. Eg if there is no traffic flow on any bearer then the bearer could be terminated.
However I have never come across any validity timer for a user session.

In case, OCS does not send any validity timer in such case PGW can use the granted quota in any time frame. There would not be any restriction. However as mentioned if the GGSN has some internal configuration of inactivity and it is enabled then after expiration of timer the bearer would be removed

Peeyush Sharma

answer Jan 6, 2016 by Peeyush Sharma
Similar Questions
+1 vote

I would like to know the behavior of GGSN when it receives ASR(Abort-Session-Request) from OCS(Online Charging System).

As I have gone through the RFC 3588, it was not explicitly stated that GGSN should report the usage of existing services(classified based on Rating-Group/Service-Identifier).

Could some explain here what is the expected behavior from GGSN?

Will GGSN come back to OCS with CCR-T with USU for all the existing services? Please shed some lights on this topic.

Can the below behavior be expected from GGSN? Appreciate your response on this topic.

+1 vote

The validity time is defined by IETF in Credit-control answer, but the same AVP is not used in 3GPP specification, but for my use case, can use it as IETF defined or make it customized AVP?

+1 vote

Hi ,
How Reporting-Reason AVP reporting is decided by GGSN/P-GW in Gy Interface.
There are different Reporting-Reason AVP parameters are present. My doubt is let say at same time Quota_Exhausted and Validity_Time got expired , so how GGSN/P-GW will choose which parameter need to be reported to OCS.
Is their any priority or ordering concepts?

Appreciate your help.


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Are there any benefits from adding a randomized value to CCA Validity-Time in order to reduce reporting storm to PCEF for voice calls. I think there is for non - duration grants - i.e data since number of data sessions are larger than voice calls.

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