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Will it be possible to send multiple CCR-I with same session id and different rating groups?

+2 votes

I am unable to get some correct explanations for CCR-Initial.
Will it be possible to send more than one CCR-I with same session Id and different rating groups?

For example,
1.CCR-I with Request-Type = 1,Request-Number = 0 and Rating-Group = 10
2.CCR-I with Request-Type = 1,Request-Number = 1 and Rating-Group = 20

I tried to find the answer in RFC-4006,but didn't get any clue, or may be I am missing any clause or paragraph from that.
It will be great help if any standard RFC or 3GPP TS says about that.

posted Mar 3, 2016 by Chinmoy Padhi

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3 Answers

+2 votes

I hope this question is regarding the Gy interface.As per my understanding, this is not possible. There would be onlye 1 CCR-I for any Gy session. Later there could be CCR-U but CCR-I and CCR-T are only 1 for any Gy session.

Peeyush Sharma

answer Mar 3, 2016 by Peeyush Sharma
+2 votes

I agree with Peeyush, and as per my knowledge in a single CCR-I , we can send multiple Rating Groups ( I don't know the max limitation). This concept is called "Credit Pooling", it can be achieved by including the optional Multiple-Services-Credit-Control AVP in Credit-Control- Request/Answer messages. Please check once again in RFC-4006 , its explained.

answer Mar 21, 2016 by Madhavan
0 votes

1 data session should have 1 ccr-i message only.
If ur receiving multiple ccr-i for same session I'd, then it's not coorect.
Normally 1 data session means 1ccr

answer Jun 18, 2019 by anonymous
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+1 vote

Hi ,
How Reporting-Reason AVP reporting is decided by GGSN/P-GW in Gy Interface.
There are different Reporting-Reason AVP parameters are present. My doubt is let say at same time Quota_Exhausted and Validity_Time got expired , so how GGSN/P-GW will choose which parameter need to be reported to OCS.
Is their any priority or ordering concepts?

Appreciate your help.


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I am looking for detailed description of LTE online charging

+5 votes

I gone through the RFC4006 but didnt get the context of below paragraph

   Certain applications require multiple credit-control sub-sessions.
   These applications would send messages with a constant Session-Id
   AVP, but with a different CC-Sub-Session-Id AVP.  If several credit
   sub-sessions will be used, all sub-sessions MUST be closed separately
   before the main session is closed so that units per sub-session may
   be reported.  The absence of this AVP implies that no sub-sessions
   are in use.

But here my question is
1. What could be the types of Multiple credit-ontrol Sub-session?
2. How can we include different cc-sub-session-ID for each sub-session, please give me an example with message structure using CCR message.

+1 vote

Can we have a live scenario wherein PCRF gets multiple attach request(CCR-I) where only the Framed-IP-Address and Session-Id are different but Subscriber-Id information and APN remain same? From network point of view, what can be the use case for this?

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Is it possible that MCC MNC gets changed in the same Diameter session without changing session ID while in Roaming???
As I have come to across an unsupported scenario when some users are roaming in Iceland operator MCC MNC and suddenly switch to different operator MCC MNC which belongs to the USA within the same DCCA session i.e without closing the PDP context and opening a new one (that should not be possible, unsupported scenario). Is it possible??? I'm confused here.

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