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Can we have a scenario where PCRF gets multiple attach request with only Framed-IP-Address and Session-Id are different?

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Can we have a live scenario wherein PCRF gets multiple attach request(CCR-I) where only the Framed-IP-Address and Session-Id are different but Subscriber-Id information and APN remain same? From network point of view, what can be the use case for this?

posted Dec 5, 2017 by anonymous

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Looking at interoperability issues.
The CCRequest message sent from PGW to PCRF during attach. Does the CCA sent back from PCRF to PGW needs to have TFT info?

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There is one use case here. PCEF has sent CCR (due to IP-CAN session modify) to PCRF and it again sends CCR to (due to another update) without receiving previous CCA. What should be the behavior ?

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