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How Reporting-Reason AVP reporting is decided by GGSN/P-GW in Gy interface?

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Hi ,
How Reporting-Reason AVP reporting is decided by GGSN/P-GW in Gy Interface.
There are different Reporting-Reason AVP parameters are present. My doubt is let say at same time Quota_Exhausted and Validity_Time got expired , so how GGSN/P-GW will choose which parameter need to be reported to OCS.
Is their any priority or ordering concepts?

Appreciate your help.


posted Mar 31, 2016 by Chinmoy Padhi

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1 Answer

+1 vote

It is very simple, in case OCS provides threshold value in Granted-Service-Units under MSCC so once that threshold is reached CCR-U goes with Reporting-Reason THRESHOLD
In case threshold is not provided and Granted Quota is consumed then the reporting reason will be quota exhausted.
In case the Gy session is being removed then the reporting reason will be FINAL
In case there are multiple MSCC(multiple Rating Groups basically) and threshold/quota is exhausted for one of them and implementation is such that quota consumption for all the rating groups for the bearers are reported then for the other rating group for which quota is not exhausted it is set to OTHERS.

Hope it helped

Peeyush Sharma

answer Mar 31, 2016 by Peeyush Sharma
Thanks a lot Peeyush, my query is will it be possible that together validity time got expired and quota also how ggsn will choose which parameter need to be reported ocs. Will it report both the reporting reason parameter or only one parameter?
Maybe i missed the second part of your question. Anyways, as per MSCC structure multiple occurrences of Reporting-Reason are supported so, yes both reporting reason can be sent under same MSCC.

Peeyush Sharma
Thanks Peeyush, even I found in 3GPP TS 32.299 that certain types of Reporting-Reason parameters need to be part of MSCC AVP and some Reporting-Reason parameters are need to be part of Used-Service-Unit AVP .It looks like GGSN can send more than one Reporting-Reason AVP to OCS.
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