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Downlink UE throughput Vs Downlink Cell throughput in LTE?

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I am getting downlink UE throughput much greater than downlink cell throughput. Is this possible to get higher UE throughput than cell throughput? I am using below formula for calculations:

DL UE throughput (kbps) = (pdcpvolDL Drb - PdcpVolDlDrbLastTTI)/UeThpTimeDl/1000

DL Cell throughput (kbps)= PdcpVolDlDrb/SchedActivityCellDl/1000

Also what is the best metric that i can use to get the actual user throughput experience in network.

posted Aug 27, 2015 by anonymous

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You may want to explain the meaning of pdcpvolDL , PdcpVolDlDrbLastTTI , UeThpTimeDl and SchedActivityCellDl.

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As per my understanding No it won’t, It will still measure the Inter frequency until the enodeb sends the interfreqency relation.

So if If it won't quit measurement gap because target cell doesn't meet throughput condition, then the UE on the source cell speeds will degrade as it stuck on measurement gap.

Should node allow UE quit to measurement gap in this scenario?

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While deploying or making lab setup what all things need to be taken into account ? In other words, how interference from neighboring cells can be minimized ? What all configuration values can create high interference between two LTE neighboring cells ?

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