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SCTP problem on fedora 18

+1 vote

When I use multi-home function to setup link between 2 fedora 18 hosts, I can not use sctp_sendmsg to send any message and return error "Invalid Parameters" . but the same program runs well in Centos 6.

And the most wired thing is when I run Server side in centos and run Client side in fedora, I have the problem, but everything is fine when I run client side in centos but run server side on fedora.

Does anyone has the same problem?

posted Jul 8, 2013 by anonymous

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what's the version ??
The version is 1.0.11. this is also fedora 18 provided by default.
BTW, I use lksctp 1.0.15, the latest lib, to make a test, it looks  everything is fine. I don't know if any significant change happened from 1.0.11 to 1.0.15.

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When I try:

 ping -R

I get:

PING ( 56(124) bytes of data.

but the list of nodes does not appear, and I wait for more than 5 minutes. traceroute gives immediately the list of nodes.

This is fedora 18, iptables stopped (and flushed), firewalld stopped.Could it be somehow due to not flushing firewalld rules ? (I don't know much about firewalld)

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The SO_REUSEPORT socket option was introduced in mainstream kernel 3.9 for TCP/UDP. Is this option supported for SCTP also?

The latest centos6 kernel 2.6.32-417.el6 allows this socket option for SCTP, but does not seem to support it. I get port already in use error.

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I have been persuaded to move an application running under linux on to a Hyper-V VM. I am having significant performance issues and hope some one can cast some light on them.

I am having to run on a legacy network card as the 'synthetic' NIC gives poor through put. This gives a drop of about 50% compared with the original machine.

Disc I/O is down by a factor of 8 when copying significant amounts of data. (say 7 Gbyte) The application originally ran on Fedora 15 on an HP DL385 (8-cores) with 8Gbyte memory. The VM is running under Fedora 18 on a Dell R520 with 8 Gbyte with a fixed VHD disc

Am I correct in assuming that Fedora 18 kernel has the latest Microsoft Integration Modules?

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Is there a simple way of changing the font used by lpr to print out a text file,
after say "lpr foo.txt" on a Fedora-18 CUPS printer?

The font in my case is much too small for my eyesight.

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I test my SCTP messaging small application between two hosts far away one from another, with possible packet loss on the net. Each of them is advertising two different [IPv4] addresses, but in fact, on one host, one IP isn't actually connected and can't be used for messages.

When I start SCTP messages exchanges, the hosts are using the first address, which is working, and messages are correctly transmitted. On the peer of the failing-IP host, I get notifications that this IP address is UNREACHABLE, it's correct. In fact, I get one notification each 100ms, but this can probably be setup.

The problem is that after some time of message exchanges, about 20 seconds, the hosts get a LOST notification for the association and no message can't be sent anymore until a new association is built.

Should I do something when I get a UNREACHABLE peer change notification? Is the LOST related to these UNREACHABLE notifications, or should I look for other cause ? I didn't saw this behavior during my tests (on virtual hosts)...