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Fedora 18 under Hyper-V on Server 2012

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I have been persuaded to move an application running under linux on to a Hyper-V VM. I am having significant performance issues and hope some one can cast some light on them.

I am having to run on a legacy network card as the 'synthetic' NIC gives poor through put. This gives a drop of about 50% compared with the original machine.

Disc I/O is down by a factor of 8 when copying significant amounts of data. (say 7 Gbyte) The application originally ran on Fedora 15 on an HP DL385 (8-cores) with 8Gbyte memory. The VM is running under Fedora 18 on a Dell R520 with 8 Gbyte with a fixed VHD disc

Am I correct in assuming that Fedora 18 kernel has the latest Microsoft Integration Modules?

posted May 30, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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most likely since they are upstream output of "lsmod" in the guest may help

however, you need to configure the ocrrect virtual hardware Linux jas as example VMware's "vmxnet" driver but if i configure a different virtual network card this would not help

the same applies for virtual disks

vmw_balloon 13415 0
vmw_vmci 61376 0
vmxnet3 49578 0
vmw_pvscsi 22858 2
answer May 30, 2013 by anonymous
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When I use multi-home function to setup link between 2 fedora 18 hosts, I can not use sctp_sendmsg to send any message and return error "Invalid Parameters" . but the same program runs well in Centos 6.

And the most wired thing is when I run Server side in centos and run Client side in fedora, I have the problem, but everything is fine when I run client side in centos but run server side on fedora.

Does anyone has the same problem?

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When I try:

 ping -R

I get:

PING ( 56(124) bytes of data.

but the list of nodes does not appear, and I wait for more than 5 minutes. traceroute gives immediately the list of nodes.

This is fedora 18, iptables stopped (and flushed), firewalld stopped.Could it be somehow due to not flushing firewalld rules ? (I don't know much about firewalld)

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Is there a simple way of changing the font used by lpr to print out a text file,
after say "lpr foo.txt" on a Fedora-18 CUPS printer?

The font in my case is much too small for my eyesight.

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Why system-config-lvm disappeared since fedora 18? Is there a reason?

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We are developing internal software using MySql dB and are planning to use Fedora for the server.

The question is how do we know that this hardware (motherboard, CPU) really support Fedora version 18 or 19? We are looking at mobo from Asus or Intel or Gigabyte, but did not find firm answer. We did not find the info from mobo websites either.

The mobo that got our interest are the ones with H77 or Z77 or H87 chipsets.

Is there any URL for me to get the information we need?