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SCTP: Problem with a host having an UNREACHABLE address ?

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I test my SCTP messaging small application between two hosts far away one from another, with possible packet loss on the net. Each of them is advertising two different [IPv4] addresses, but in fact, on one host, one IP isn't actually connected and can't be used for messages.

When I start SCTP messages exchanges, the hosts are using the first address, which is working, and messages are correctly transmitted. On the peer of the failing-IP host, I get notifications that this IP address is UNREACHABLE, it's correct. In fact, I get one notification each 100ms, but this can probably be setup.

The problem is that after some time of message exchanges, about 20 seconds, the hosts get a LOST notification for the association and no message can't be sent anymore until a new association is built.

Should I do something when I get a UNREACHABLE peer change notification? Is the LOST related to these UNREACHABLE notifications, or should I look for other cause ? I didn't saw this behavior during my tests (on virtual hosts)...

posted Dec 3, 2014 by Bob Wise

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