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Is SO_REUSEPORT socket option supported in SCTP?

+2 votes

The SO_REUSEPORT socket option was introduced in mainstream kernel 3.9 for TCP/UDP. Is this option supported for SCTP also?

The latest centos6 kernel 2.6.32-417.el6 allows this socket option for SCTP, but does not seem to support it. I get port already in use error.

posted Sep 21, 2014 by anonymous

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+1 vote

When I use multi-home function to setup link between 2 fedora 18 hosts, I can not use sctp_sendmsg to send any message and return error "Invalid Parameters" . but the same program runs well in Centos 6.

And the most wired thing is when I run Server side in centos and run Client side in fedora, I have the problem, but everything is fine when I run client side in centos but run server side on fedora.

Does anyone has the same problem?

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When I read wiki , its written like this

As of 6 February 2010, multihoming in the next-generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) 
was not yet standardized

Is it supported now ?

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Is there a way to retrieve the connection's sctp_assoc_t from the socket file descriptor? If there isn't, may I ask why?

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It is found that IP X haven't replied heartbeat Ack to IP A but our client will not try another path B->Y. Would you advise how B->Y path can be enable?

lksctp client IP info:
Primary IP: A
Secondary IP: B

Server primary IP: X
Server secondary IP: Y