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SCTP multihoming: Client does not try the another Path in case heartbeat ask is not received?

+1 vote

It is found that IP X haven't replied heartbeat Ack to IP A but our client will not try another path B->Y. Would you advise how B->Y path can be enable?

lksctp client IP info:
Primary IP: A
Secondary IP: B

Server primary IP: X
Server secondary IP: Y

posted Nov 30, 2016 by anonymous

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Suppose I have a socket which contain several associations in it. that means there are several clients connect with server.

If I use sendmsg(...) function to send msg from server, How does sctp identify which association will receive the data? Does all clients will receive the msg?

And, Does sctp provide a way for server to send msg to all associations in one syscall ?

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I'm adding experimental support for UDP encapsulation of SCTP packets. I got most of if working well. However, I noticed a NULL pointer dereference in sctp_packet_transmit as I assumed that packet->transport->asoc weren't NULL so I tried to access tunneling information that I store in packet->transport->asoc->ep->base.

In what circumstances is assoc NULL in sctp_packet_transmit?