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DIAMETER: What is the significance of Encrypted AVP within a diameter message ?

+2 votes

What are the encrypted AVPs and significance of these. How encryption is enabled between the two diameter nodes ? Is there any separate message to enable encryption between the nodes ?

posted Apr 2, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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Vimal: As far i know encryption and authenticate at IP level, these all tasks have been proposed by TLS security and IPSEC. Is there something else in Diameter message. Then please elaborate it bit more and educate me on this.

1 Answer

+1 vote

Well, the standard provides for the encryption of AVPs so that intermediate nodes like relays/LBs can't access this confidential information. Encryption/decryption will be left to the applications at the two ends. But in practice I don't think this is used. TLS/DTLS security between peers will protect it over the wire...

answer Apr 7, 2014 by Rathnakumar Kayyar
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+1 vote

I am not able to understand the significance of this AVP from rfc3588. Can someone please explain in simple word ?

+3 votes

I saw Capabilities-Exchange-Request and Capabilities-Exchange-Answer messages. In CER message there are two places where Vendor-Id AVP is present, one as an independent AVP and the other one as part of Vendor-Specific-Application-Id AVP. If both of them are present in request message then both will be having same value or can hold different values.