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Diameter: When does an AVP consider with its mandatory presence within a Diameter message ?

+1 vote
Diameter: When does an AVP consider with its mandatory presence within a Diameter message ?
posted Mar 25, 2016 by Vikram Singh

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1 Answer

0 votes

I don't have depth knowledge in Diameter but If I understood your question then find my response a below:
- When a AVP is defined, it may be defined as a mandatory, vendor-specific. If it is defined as mandatory, in that case Diameter Agent such as proxy server should know about the AVP. If it is an optional then there is no need to know about the AVP at Diameter Agents.
- Your other question is when a particular AVP considered as mandatory and when as an optional. It is totally depends on the application requirement. An AVP that is taken as a mandatory AVP for a application, it can be considered as an optional AVP for other application.

answer Mar 26, 2016 by Harshita
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I am not able to understand the significance of this AVP from rfc3588. Can someone please explain in simple word ?

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Please find the description of the problem:
A diameter client and server communicates in the network through Proxy Agent.
Here, I have assumed PCEF is a diameter client and PCRF is a diameter server. Interface between the PCEF and the PCRF is known as Gx.

Does Proxy agent, which sits between PCEF and PCRF, need to support Gx application ?
Does Proxy agent validate presence of any mandatory or optional AVP when it receives a message from a diamter client (PCEF) before forwarding it to diameter server (PCRF) ?

Can someone please provides the detailed behavior of a proxy agent ?

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What are the encrypted AVPs and significance of these. How encryption is enabled between the two diameter nodes ? Is there any separate message to enable encryption between the nodes ?

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What is the use of keeping the same information in two places like Application-Id in the Diameter header and Application-Id as AVP ?

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I saw Capabilities-Exchange-Request and Capabilities-Exchange-Answer messages. In CER message there are two places where Vendor-Id AVP is present, one as an independent AVP and the other one as part of Vendor-Specific-Application-Id AVP. If both of them are present in request message then both will be having same value or can hold different values.

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