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5G: In which scenario AMF would include only AMF UE NG-AP ID in the UE Context Release Cmd ?

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I was comparing UE Context Release Cmd (defined in 36.413) with the NG-AP (38.413) UE Context Release Cmd. I couldn't realize the scenario in which only the AMF allocated UE NG-AP ID will be included in UE Cntxt Release Cmd. In LTE, both the S1-AP IDs were mandatory to send in UE Ctxt Rel Cmd from MME to eNodeB.
It would be helpful if someone can provide the reason.
Thanks in advance.

posted May 25 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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1 Answer

0 votes

मृत्यु एक कटु सत्य है क्या हमें इससे डरना चाहिए

answer May 30 by Sanjay Rajput 1 abuse reported
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