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5G: Why tracking area code size is increased by one byte in 5G as compare to LTE ?

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In LTE, tracking area code was two bytes long but in 5G, it is three bytes long.
What could be the reason of doing so ?

posted Sep 16, 2018 by Harshita

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I was comparing UE Context Release Cmd (defined in 36.413) with the NG-AP (38.413) UE Context Release Cmd. I couldn't realize the scenario in which only the AMF allocated UE NG-AP ID will be included in UE Cntxt Release Cmd. In LTE, both the S1-AP IDs were mandatory to send in UE Ctxt Rel Cmd from MME to eNodeB.
It would be helpful if someone can provide the reason.
Thanks in advance.

+1 vote


Could you help me with the 5g attach call flow, (attach) with regards to GTP tunnel allocation. (for both standalone and non standalone cases). with the CU-DU split.
I am looking for various scenarios, including, MCG, SCG and split bearers also,

I am also trying to understand, how this affects the CU split (into CU-CP and CU-UP) with the E1 interface..


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