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How Sender RLC AM entity behaves if it didn't receive status PDU because of congestion in network?

0 votes
How Sender RLC AM entity behaves if it didn't receive status PDU because of congestion in network?
posted Mar 28 by Ankit Mishra

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1 Answer

0 votes

It will go for re-transmission

answer Mar 29 by Sushant Bose
This creates overhead right? suppose even after re transmission , If status PDU is struck because of UL network congestion then again do we need to transmit the packet?How this can be handled?
Hi jagannathan, i am scared that much intelligence is present to handle(or maybe i don't know), if there is no STATUS PDU received by sender ,it will be interpreted as NACK and go for re-transmission. I will ask my resources and sure try to answer here. But what i assume there is t-statusprohibit timer running which is being configured by RRC, The Basic idea is that to control the frequent transmission of Status PDUs.
The RRC layer configures the RLC layer with this timer if it is to be used.

Then the RLC receiver will send at most one status report every period. Every time it sends one it starts the timer and cant send another until the timer expires.
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