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How many time RLC status PDU can be re transmitted?

0 votes
How many time RLC status PDU can be re transmitted?
posted Jul 8, 2019 by Ankit Mishra

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1 Answer

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State Variable

Maximum STATUS transmit state variable

This state variable holds the highest possible value of the SN which can be indicated by 'ACK_SN' when a STATUS PDU needs to be constructed. It is initially set to 0

answer Jul 9, 2019 by Sushant Bose
The status PDU is sent when the poll bit is set in a PDU sent from the transmitting RLC , but The frequency of the poll bit inclusion is controlled by the following parameters or events:
1.if the number of PDUs sent since the last status report is received exceeds Poll_PDU;
2.if the total number of bytes of the PDUs sent since receiving the last status report exceeds Poll_Byte;
3.if the T_poll_retransmit timer expires and there are no PDUs to be sent in the transmission or retransmission buffer, the transmitting AM RLC entity resends the last PDU which was sent with poll bit set.
So depending on these situation STATUS PDU is formed
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In Rel 12 dual connectivity SENB doesn't support UL data path,then how UE will give RLC status PDU to SENB RLC for DL data transmission?

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During re-establishment/HO transmitter RLC (NR) will give the information about last succesfull sent SN to PDCP . But in LTE - NR case how does LTE PDCP understands RLC NR status. Do we need to modify the LTE PDCP functionality to interoperable with NR?

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For E.g

RLC polled the status PDU to receiver (polled till seq No . 16 ) and transmits the other sequence PDU (Seq No 17 ..).

But receiver didnt respond the polling PDU , Now transmitter wants to transmit polling PDU again. In this case will transmitter include Polling of Sequence no.16 or the latest sequence number sent after last polling.