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LTE: What is the use of routing at RLC AM receiver entity ?

+6 votes

While going through 3GPP 36.322 specification. I saw a routing box inside the figure. Can anyone please explain the uses of it ?

posted Dec 2, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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1 Answer

+2 votes

There are two types of Traffic in RLC AM mode. Either it can be control PDU or Data PDU.
For control pdu it has no need to go for Segmentation or Concatenation. Just add the header and send it out.

In similar way receiving side of AM-RLC-PDU receives two types of traffic.

The routing box purpose is just to check the header and verify that either it is control PDU or Traffic PDU. If it is control PDU then it will route the PDU to RLC control entity and if it is Data PDU then it will go for the Reception buffer & HARQ reordering.

answer May 7, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
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As per 3gpp 36.322 Release 12.0 RLC specification, Extended RLC LI field = 15 bit is newly included in AM mode.
Can anyone please explain, exactly in what condition this 15-bit LI value will be used.

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RLC is one of the L2 layer in LTE radio protocol stack. It does many functions such as segmentation, re-assembling and along with that it supports various transmissions mode like transparent mode, acknowledgement mode and un-acknowledgement mode.
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Does the RLC create single RLC entity at cell level or at the UE level or at the bearer level ?

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