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volte call failed with Unknown NAS message

+1 vote

Hello there,
Please let me know what is Unknown NAS ? for below case!

enter image description here

posted Mar 19 by Sivakumar.d

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Is there any node in the network which makes bridge between VoLTE and 2G system to serve voice call between two users ?

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In the TR 23.749 (Study on S8HR Architecture for VoLTE), it is mentioned that in LBO integration, calls to non routable local numbers such as local Short-code, 1800XXX services are translated by the VPLMN.

How the translation is done in VPLMN. Is it performed by the P-CSCF?

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In IMS VoLTE setting of a telecom network, what part/field of which type of packet (SIP, SDP, others...) gives authentic information of MSISDN-IP mapping? From a sample traffic, I need to find out information from control traffic about what IP is assigned to what phone number. In the sample traffic, I see a lot of protocols (SIP, SDP, RTP, DIAMETER, ISUP, ....). I require to find out IPs assigned to phone numbers. I know RTP flows between end devices (phones), but I need to find out IPs before the call is established...

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what is the way to analyse delay in Volte call set up time? How can we decrease this time? what are the causes of high Volte call setup up time?

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