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How the preemption works in volte network?

0 votes

For each bearer in volte there are QCI and ARP parameters, for example default bearer qci 9 arp value, qci 5 arp value, qci 1 arp value, and the ARP has the PCI and PVI parameters too.

So in volte network if we need to have a VIP user how will be the mapping between QCI and ARP values?
And this ARP values need to be configured in the Hss for the user and also in the PCRF?

posted Jul 26, 2019 by anonymous

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Is there any node in the network which makes bridge between VoLTE and 2G system to serve voice call between two users ?

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In the TR 23.749 (Study on S8HR Architecture for VoLTE), it is mentioned that in LBO integration, calls to non routable local numbers such as local Short-code, 1800XXX services are translated by the VPLMN.

How the translation is done in VPLMN. Is it performed by the P-CSCF?

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Hello there,
Please let me know what is Unknown NAS ? for below case!

enter image description here

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I want to understand which are the major EPC nodes involve with VoLTE Charging.

Staring from UE till IMS network.
Basically I want to know end-to-end Flow for VoLTE Charging which involves various Diameter Interface.
Does Gy interface has any role to play,if Yes,why? If No, Why?
It will be very helpful with some arrow diagrams involving the diameter interfaces without any message details.

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There are two scenarios of VoLTE call.
1. Originator and Receiver both are connected in LTE network.
2. Either one of them is not in the LTE coverage .

How the signalling messages flow between originator and receiver for both are scenarios ?

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