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VoLTE in LBO: Number translation

+1 vote

In the TR 23.749 (Study on S8HR Architecture for VoLTE), it is mentioned that in LBO integration, calls to non routable local numbers such as local Short-code, 1800XXX services are translated by the VPLMN.

How the translation is done in VPLMN. Is it performed by the P-CSCF?

posted May 22, 2018 by Michael Semama

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For each bearer in volte there are QCI and ARP parameters, for example default bearer qci 9 arp value, qci 5 arp value, qci 1 arp value, and the ARP has the PCI and PVI parameters too.

So in volte network if we need to have a VIP user how will be the mapping between QCI and ARP values?
And this ARP values need to be configured in the Hss for the user and also in the PCRF?

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Hello there,
Please let me know what is Unknown NAS ? for below case!

enter image description here

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Is there any node in the network which makes bridge between VoLTE and 2G system to serve voice call between two users ?

+1 vote

in case of VOLTE roaming integrated in S8 Home-Routing, does the subscriber location information contained in the SIP message generated from the UE?
If not, how the S-CSCF obtain this information?
Is it by querying the HSS (Diameter Cx interface)? if yes when? on SIP registration or per each call attempt?
Is there an option that the S-CSCF will not be aware on the subscriber location and the TAS shall obtain it by querying the HSS (Diameter Sh interface)

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On which stage the S-CSCF obtain the IFCs from the HSS?
Is it on UE SIP registration or per each call attempt?

In case the IFCs indicates that the S-CSSF should orchestrate the SIP session to two (or more) application server, is there an option to indicate (into the IFCs) that a specific AS should be involved only on specific situation such as: "only in roaming", "only if the dialed number length limited to X digits"

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