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Can we establish VOLTE call in Scell?

+1 vote

If Pcell VOLTE capacity is full, Can we establish the VOLTE call in Scell?

posted Mar 5, 2020 by Himani

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Hinmani,

This is implementation specific. If you eNB supports QCI 1 Bearer on Scell for the secondary UE then VOLTE in secondary cell is possible.
Most of the eNB doesnt supports this, Because Scell will support only NGBR bearer of secondary UE. This is to ensure Scell primary UE's service. So with this implementation Scell will not support VOLTE. UE should rely on Primary UE . At any cose Primary UE will ensure to have Volte service availability.

answer Mar 13, 2020 by Jaganathan
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