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VOLTE: IFC (Initial Filter Criteria)

0 votes

On which stage the S-CSCF obtain the IFCs from the HSS?
Is it on UE SIP registration or per each call attempt?

In case the IFCs indicates that the S-CSSF should orchestrate the SIP session to two (or more) application server, is there an option to indicate (into the IFCs) that a specific AS should be involved only on specific situation such as: "only in roaming", "only if the dialed number length limited to X digits"

posted Sep 12, 2017 by Michael Semama

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in case of VOLTE roaming integrated in S8 Home-Routing, does the subscriber location information contained in the SIP message generated from the UE?
If not, how the S-CSCF obtain this information?
Is it by querying the HSS (Diameter Cx interface)? if yes when? on SIP registration or per each call attempt?
Is there an option that the S-CSCF will not be aware on the subscriber location and the TAS shall obtain it by querying the HSS (Diameter Sh interface)

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How does a MT Call comes from Legacy Network to VoLTE Registered User? Will It comes with a SIP INVITE or as a CS Service Notification? Any Spec References?

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In Other Words VoLTE Call Established and No Dedicated Bearers established by NW, Is it Possible the call will be stable ? Can It use IMS Defaulr Bearers for the Call?

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I know the fact P-CSCF establishes an IP sec tunnel with the UE but exact at which point it does not sure.

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