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Can anyone provide an example of Multiple Services Credit Control Use case ?

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Hi all,
I am looking for a real example of using the Multiple Services Credit Control with Radius.
Anyone implemented this already ?


posted Sep 19, 2016 by Cd_83

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1 Answer

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Hi BR,

MSCC block is a part of Gy interface mostly used with P-GW/GGSN and OCS.
Moreover, it is need less to say RADIUS is a UDP protocol so for Diameter application we need reliable transport mechanism like TCP or SCTP, in order to prevent revenue loss.
So in my opinion for Charging purpose it might not be feasible to implement MSCC block for RADIUS application.
I am sure you must be aware of the AVPs which are grouped with MSCC such as Requested-Service-Unit, Granted-Service-Unit, Used-Service-Unit,Rating-Group etc.


answer Dec 6, 2016 by Chinmoy Padhi
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What are the possible Result-Codes for Multiple-Services-Credit-Control AVP.
Is there any other result codes from 2001, 4012? If so, please mention the scenario
Any reference would be highly appreciable

+3 votes

I had a doubt on the multiple service credit control AVP for charging. I have seen some pcap traces where RSU, USU, GSU AVPs are sending within MSCC, and out of MSCC avps.

Does MSCC block is mandatory for Online Charging System, can you please the reason also?

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I am unable to get some correct explanations for CCR-Initial.
Will it be possible to send more than one CCR-I with same session Id and different rating groups?

For example,
1.CCR-I with Request-Type = 1,Request-Number = 0 and Rating-Group = 10
2.CCR-I with Request-Type = 1,Request-Number = 1 and Rating-Group = 20

I tried to find the answer in RFC-4006,but didn't get any clue, or may be I am missing any clause or paragraph from that.
It will be great help if any standard RFC or 3GPP TS says about that.

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As in LTE network, PGW and SGW generates CDR and send these CDRs to OCS/OFCS . Is the same way, IMS services are being charged or something else ?