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What are the possible Result-Codes for Multiple-Services-Credit-Control AVP

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What are the possible Result-Codes for Multiple-Services-Credit-Control AVP.
Is there any other result codes from 2001, 4012? If so, please mention the scenario
Any reference would be highly appreciable

posted Dec 31, 2015 by Chinmoy Padhi

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1 Answer

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Below are the additionals Result Code at MSCC level.


  This error code is used to inform the credit-control client that
  the credit-control server cannot rate the service request due to
  insufficient rating input, an incorrect AVP combination, or an AVP
  or an AVP value that is not recognized or supported in the rating.
  The Failed-AVP AVP MUST be included and contain a copy of the
  entire AVP(s) that could not be processed successfully or an
  example of the missing AVP complete with the Vendor-Id if
  applicable.  The value field of the missing AVP should be of
  correct minimum length and contain zeros.

• DIAMETER_END_USER_SERVICE_DENIED(4010): On reception of this code,Gy temporarily blacklists the category and further traffic results in requesting new quota from the server.This is supported at the MSCClevel and not at the command level.

Refer the specs 3GPP TS 32.299, TS 32.251 & RFC 4006.

answer Oct 16, 2016 by Sanjeet Singh
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I am unable to get some correct explanations for CCR-Initial.
Will it be possible to send more than one CCR-I with same session Id and different rating groups?

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I tried to find the answer in RFC-4006,but didn't get any clue, or may be I am missing any clause or paragraph from that.
It will be great help if any standard RFC or 3GPP TS says about that.