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How do I generate heartbeat packets and configure sctp_test to do multihoming?

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I am trying to replicate heartbeat packets in a test env, because we believe one of our devices is having issues w/ these packets

We have enabled.

sysctl -w net.sctp.addip_enable=1
sysctl -w net.sctp.auth_enable=1 

Non-multihomed sctp traffic between an sctp_test client and server works.

But I cannot seem to figure out how to get sctp_test to generate heartbeat packets, which I believe multihoming is required.

How do I generate heartbeat packets and/or configure sctp_test to do multihoming?

posted Sep 10, 2013 by Amit Parthsarthi

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When I read wiki , its written like this

As of 6 February 2010, multihoming in the next-generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) 
was not yet standardized

Is it supported now ?

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It is found that IP X haven't replied heartbeat Ack to IP A but our client will not try another path B->Y. Would you advise how B->Y path can be enable?

lksctp client IP info:
Primary IP: A
Secondary IP: B

Server primary IP: X
Server secondary IP: Y

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Is there any concept of Fail back in SCTP Multi Homing ??

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Is there some simple mulithoming sample available? I found SCTP multistreaming sample, but not mulithoming.

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Can two SCTP points can exchange SCTP parameters eg heartbeat interval etc)?