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Can two SCTP points can exchange SCTP parameters eg heartbeat interval etc)?

+1 vote

Can two SCTP points can exchange SCTP parameters eg heartbeat interval etc)?

posted Dec 4, 2014 by Sudhanshu Kumar Srivastav

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1 Answer

0 votes

No you dont exchange the heartbeat interval in negotiation, you exchange the inbound & outbound streams along with the window credit.

Peer does not need to know the heartbeat interval of peer node, it just need to reply whenever it receives the HB request.

answer Dec 4, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
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+1 vote

It is found that IP X haven't replied heartbeat Ack to IP A but our client will not try another path B->Y. Would you advise how B->Y path can be enable?

lksctp client IP info:
Primary IP: A
Secondary IP: B

Server primary IP: X
Server secondary IP: Y

+1 vote

I am trying to replicate heartbeat packets in a test env, because we believe one of our devices is having issues w/ these packets

We have enabled.

sysctl -w net.sctp.addip_enable=1
sysctl -w net.sctp.auth_enable=1 

Non-multihomed sctp traffic between an sctp_test client and server works.

But I cannot seem to figure out how to get sctp_test to generate heartbeat packets, which I believe multihoming is required.

How do I generate heartbeat packets and/or configure sctp_test to do multihoming?

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