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Does PGW/PCEF tells an IP address of an UE to PCRF during IP-CAN session establishment ??

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Does PGW/PCEF tells an IP address of an UE to PCRF during IP-CAN session establishment ??
posted Sep 7, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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1 Answer

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That depends on when address assignment takes place. First request from PCEF to PCRF (CCR-Initial) will have IPAddress and/or subscription-id (IMSI/SIP URI/...). Apart from this, there will be the APN (Called Station Id). Based on these, PCRF can identify the session - as well as correlate sessions on other interfaces like Rx.

answer Sep 8, 2013 by Rathnakumar Kayyar
Thanks a lot. Your answer helped me to get solved my problem.
How does the PCRF store the PCC Rules (based on what index). I mean lets say same QOS is applied for two Applications (mapped to SDF1 and SDF2, both mapped to dedicated bearer id 1. So lets say the App related to SDF#1 is stopped. Then PCRF needs to delete PCC Rule related to SDF#1. But the rule is still valid for SDF#2. Any pointers on how this is implemented in PCRF. It will be great if you can give some practical example (with just 1 or two rules in PCRF) . Also what will be sent in the Diameter messages esp in Gx interface...
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There is one use case here. PCEF has sent CCR (due to IP-CAN session modify) to PCRF and it again sends CCR to (due to another update) without receiving previous CCA. What should be the behavior ?

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Can we have a live scenario wherein PCRF gets multiple attach request(CCR-I) where only the Framed-IP-Address and Session-Id are different but Subscriber-Id information and APN remain same? From network point of view, what can be the use case for this?