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Can PCEF initiate back to back CCR messages towards PCRF for IP-CAN session modification for same UE ?

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There is one use case here. PCEF has sent CCR (due to IP-CAN session modify) to PCRF and it again sends CCR to (due to another update) without receiving previous CCA. What should be the behavior ?

posted Jan 31, 2015 by Vikram Singh

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My query belongs to CCR/CCA but I wrote CER/CEA by mistake. I apologies for this mistake.
On behalf or Bart -  I don't see anything special here.

First establishment failed then second comes into the picture.
What might be strange is why this peer was not marked as down. Plus we don't really know what happens on UE side, nor if the re-send of the CER is part of client configuration.

1 Answer

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Best answer

CER message is a capability handshake message, it does not have anything to do with IP-CAN session. CER/CEA are exchanged between 2 DIAMETER nodes when they communicates for the first time.

During IP-CAN session change CER message does not go, maybe you confused it with CCR message.

If you are asking about CER message it goes only when the 2 DIAMTER nodes communicates when they are brought up and yes re-transmission is allowed if the other node does not send the response for the first request.
It is then upto the implementation how many re-tries after how much interval is allowed

Peeyush Sharma

answer Jan 31, 2015 by Peeyush Sharma
Hi Peeyush, thanks to give your time and share your knowledge. By mistake, I wrote CER/CEA in place of CCR/CCA.
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