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What are all informations sent by PCEF to PCRF while establishing a session for an UE ?

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What are all informations sent by PCEF to PCRF while establishing a session for an UE ?
posted Jan 30, 2015 by Vikram Singh

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1 Answer

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If dynamic PCC is deployed, the PDN GW performs IP-CAN Session Establishment procedure with PCRF and obtains the default PCC rules for the UE. This may trigger establishment of multiple Dedicated Bearers in association with the Default Bearer. The PDN-GW (PCEF) provides the following identities to the PCRF.
UE IP address
User Location Information(ECGI)
Serving Network(PLMN)
RAT Type
Default EPS Bearer QoS
The PCRF may modify APN-AMBR and QoS parameters associated with the default bearer in response to the PDN-GW.
If dynamic PCC is not deployed and PDN-GW applies local QoS policy, this step is still followed to provide UE IP address to the PCRF. If UE IP address is not available when PDN-GW performs IP-CAN Session Establishment procedure with the PCRF, the PDN-GW initiates an IP-CAN Session Modification procedure when UE IP address is available.
Further please refer 23.401 Cause and Message line is 14

answer Feb 10, 2015 by Sivakumar.d
Thanks, hopes vikram will be satisfied with response. Deserve a recommendation :)
@Sivakumar: Nice answer, but one thing missing is APN I guess. Myself currently struggling with detailed info on that AVP in the Diameter interface :)
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