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Eight questions and answer is a alphabet in English, can you guess?

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Q1. Which alphabet is a question?
Q2. Which alphabet is an insect?
Q3. Which alphabet is a part of our body?
Q4. Which alphabet is a tool?
Q5. Which alphabet is a drink?
Q6. Which alphabet is in geometry box?
Q7. Which alphabet is a source of salt?
Q8. Which alphabet is a vegetable?

posted Sep 8, 2014 by Salil Agrawal

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2 Answers

+1 vote
  1. Y (Why)
  2. B (Bee)
  3. I (Eye)
  4. X (Axe)
  5. T (Tea)
  6. D (D - Protector)
  7. C (Sea)
  8. P (Peas)
answer Sep 9, 2014 by Kunal Shah
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answer Sep 30, 2015 by Avani Shah

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3) 1 film ka naam.?
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5) 1 city ka naam?
6) 1 car ka naam?
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0 votes
  1. Soap / Place of bath :
    Ans: HAMAM
  2. Tooth paste / A thorny tree :_______________________
  3. Pencil / Beauty in gold :_______________________
  4. Toy / A sun sign :_______________________
  5. Scooter / Horse :_______________________
  6. Television / Suits a king :_______________________
  7. Watch / Resident of a country :_______________________
  8. Tooth brush / Famous caves :_______________________
  9. Shoe polish / Players of New Zealand :_______________________
  10. Tea / Two animals :_______________________
  11. Bulb / Source of energy :_______________________
  12. Mobile/ Salt :_______________________
  13. Used in havan / A filmy khandaan :_______________________
  14. Gemstones / Former Prime Minister :_______________________
  15. A Pharmaceutical / Mountain range :_______________________
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If the first five letters of the English alphabet are removed, then in the remaining letters which is the ninth letter to the left of eighteenth letter from the left end?

+1 vote

दो सवाल का एक ही जबाब
1. घर मेंअंधेरा क्यों?,दरवाजे पर भिखारी खड़ा क्यों?
2. भोग अधूरा क्यों? ,आँगन सूना क्यों?
3. दादी उदास क्यों? चावल बिखरे क्यों?
4. पत्र लिखा नहीं? पौधा लगा नहीं?
5. घर में शांति क्यों? आदमी बेचैन क्यों?
6. आदमी गंजा क्यों? पालना सूना क्यों?
7. भाजी अधूरी क्यों? पायल रखी क्यों?
8. साड़ी फैली क्यों?. पार्टी में देरी क्यों?
9. खेत जुता नहीं ? मुश्किले सुलझी नहीं?
10. तिजोरी खुली नहीं? खिलौना बजा नहीं?

Two Question One Answer

+1 vote

From the clues given can you correctly label the towns A to F and answer the questions below?

Town F is northeast of town B and north of town E

Town C is south of town E and west of town D

  1. Which town is south of town A?
  2. Which town is east of town A?
  3. Which town is northwest of town E?
  4. Which town is southeast of town E?

enter image description here