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How many eggs were in each basket?

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A man and a woman both carrying baskets with eggs inside passed each other on the sidewalk. The man told the woman, "If you give me one of your eggs I will have twice as many as you, but if I give you an egg you and I will have the same amount."

How many eggs were in each basket?

posted Jun 10, 2014 by Simranjeet Singh

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Man has 7 Eggs and Woman has 5 Eggs

As Man gets 1 Egg from Woman, he would have total 8 Eggs and Woman would retain 4 Eggs, Thus first condition that Man will have double Eggs then woman Satisfy.

And if Man gives his 1 Egg to woman, he would left with 6 Eggs and woman would have 6Eggs, Thus 2nd Condition of same number Eggs with both Man and woman satisfy.

answer Jun 10, 2014 by Kunal Shah

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A women was carrying a basket of Eggs when a passer-by bumped her and she dropped the basket and all the eggs broke, Passer-by asked her number of eggs to pay her. Women replied, I don’t remember exactly , but I do recall that whether I divided the eggs by 2,3,4,5 or 6 there was always one egg left over. When I took the eggs out in groups of seven, I emptied the basket.

Can you tell, “How many minimum number of Eggs were there in the basket”?

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On taking delivery of a consignment of eggs the market stall owner was furious to find that several were cracked. In fact, on counting them up in order to assess the damage he found that 72 were cracked, which was 12 per cent of the total consignment.
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In a basket of apples,
when counted in twos, there was one extra
when counted in threes, there were two extra when counted in fours, there were three extra
when counted in fives, there were four extra
when counted in sixes, there were five extra.

However, if the apples were counted in sevens, no extra apple was left.

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Two farmers brought a total of 100 eggs to market. Each farmer set a different price to sell his eggs–farmer 1 selling each egg at a price of a and farmer 2 selling each egg at a price of b. After selling all eggs, each farmer received as much money as the other.

The first farmer remarked, “If I had sold your eggs at my price, I would have gotten 15 coins.” The second farmer replied, “If I had sold your eggs at my price, I would have gotten 20/3 coins.”

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In a single week, each cat in the rat infested village of Catattackya killed the same number of rats as every other cat.
The total number of rat fatalities during the week come to 299.
Less than 20 cats achieved this remarkable feat.
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