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How many eggs did each farmer sell?

0 votes

Two farmers brought a total of 100 eggs to market. Each farmer set a different price to sell his eggs–farmer 1 selling each egg at a price of a and farmer 2 selling each egg at a price of b. After selling all eggs, each farmer received as much money as the other.

The first farmer remarked, “If I had sold your eggs at my price, I would have gotten 15 coins.” The second farmer replied, “If I had sold your eggs at my price, I would have gotten 20/3 coins.”

How many eggs did each farmer sell?

posted Dec 15, 2020 by Deepak Chitragar

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As per the will of a late farmer, his property would have to be divided in the following way.
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Surya bought some computer games at a rate of six for $40, and sold them at a rate of four for $40.
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