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A Software Center for Fedora?

0 votes

One of the things I really like about Ubuntu is the concept behind the software center. Canonical has poorly implemented it but the idea behind it is pretty solid.

That got me wondering...why doesn't Fedora have a similar product? Yes, I'm aware of Yum Extender but that's not a 'proper' software store. I mean a full fledged store, complete with backend processing
and tracking.

Perhaps this is something that would be better for the dev list but I thought I'd float it here before going there just to see the general feel of the community.

posted May 18, 2013 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

One of the things I find unacceptably stoopid about Ubuntu is the software center :-). It is so bad in the latest 13.04 that ubuntu has essentially become unusable.

I wanted to install the ssh server in an ubuntu virtual machine at work. Typing "ssh" in the search field gives me books about ssh from amazon, a few GUI tools that presumably use ssh somehow (though it certainly didn't seem relevant from the information provided), but no choice to install the dadgum ssh server on the system.

I wouldn't mention ubuntu as even a bad example of a potentially good idea :-).

answer May 18, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes

Richard Hughes from Red Hat has started working on a app center [1] [2]

It might use the tagging info from Fedora tagger [3] etc and aims to provide a distribution neutral interface using the PackageKit API (not the user interface). I havent checked the current status of it but it should be release soon.

answer May 18, 2013 by anonymous
I assume this is only going to benefit gnome user, What about the rest of fedora community?
KDE's apper supports AppStream already, so KDE will have similar
functionality once the extra metadata is available in Fedora.

It would be up to Xfce and LXDE to implement their own software center
if they want one; it isn't really the GNOME devs' fault if they don't.
I assume this is only going to benefit gnome user, What about the rest of fedora community?
Why would you assume that?  You are free to run it any desktop environment you want.  
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