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Is Android Studio 2.0 be available for Fedora F23 or F24?

+1 vote

Also, Is there any How To about setting up things so that Android Studio uses the Oracle Java but the rest of the programs use Open JDK?

Is using a VM the only way to do it? Id rather not have to do that.

posted Apr 19, 2016 by anonymous

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Isn't there a Package on Fedora repo that you can install so as to view files on Android Phones by USB.

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I'd like to transfer a directory of personal information (not just contacts) from my Fedora-19/KDE laptop
to my Samsung Galaxy S2 android phone. What is the best way currently to do this? Is MTP functional now? I'd prefer if possible to use rsync.

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I'm trying to install android studio . But it needs java . I try to install openjdk .But it keeps asking for java . Can some tell me how to install the simple way to install java and jdk in fedora 21 64bit ?

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