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What are the difference and similarities between Internet and Intranet?

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What are the difference and similarities between Internet and Intranet?
posted Jul 14, 2015 by anonymous

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Internet: Millions of computer systems are interconnected for sharing information across the globe. Anyone can access it for downloading and uploading files. Internet subscribers are increasing day by day at an exponential rate.
Intranet: The network that exists in some company, school, and Government offices premises and available for small group of people to access files and sharing information.

2 Answers

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The Internet is a global interconnection of computers and servers around the world; it covers everything. An intranet is a smaller interconnection of computers and servers within a defined area, such as a company's secured website. An extranet would be an interconnection of computers and servers that are outside the intranet.



In the current times, intranet can be considered more of a business tool which keeps an organization connected in a structured manner. It is, however, to be always remembered that intranet is a part of internet. Thereby, intranet does share some very basic features with the internet. Some of them are listed as under:

Intranet uses the internet protocols including TCP/IP and FTP.

Though the access is limited, intranet can work on any of the web browsers. Some organizations do have a customized web browsing environment as per their requirement.

Organizations that have intranet services often have their own instant messengers or communicators. These can be compared to Yahoo Messenger or Gtalk applications.

Security features like firewall and encryption-decryption policies are applied using same or similar features that internet has. A number of organizations have different encryption techniques so that any undesirable breach of data is not possible because of patterned studies.



  1. Internet is wide network of computers and is open for all.

  2. Internet itself contains a large number of intranets.

  3. The number of users who use internet is Unlimited.

  4. The Visitors traffic is unlimited.

  5. Internet contains different source of information and is available for all.


  1. Intranet is also a network of computers designed for a specific group of users.

  2. Intranet can be accessed from Internet but with restrictions.

  3. The number of users is limited.

  4. The traffic allowed is also limited.

  5. Intranet contains only specific group information.

answer Jul 15, 2015 by Manikandan J
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Even today, many businesses and large organizations rely on an intranet to help their employees stay connected.
There’s one major distinction between an intranet and the Internet:

The Internet is an open, public space, while an intranet is designed to be a private space. An intranet may be accessible from the Internet, but as a rule it’s protected by a password and accessible only to a company’s employees or other authorized users.
From within a company, an intranet server may respond much more quickly than a typical website. This is because the public Internet is at the mercy of traffic spikes, server breakdowns, and other problems that may slow the network.
Within a company, however, users have much more bandwidth and network hardware may be more reliable. This makes it easier to serve high- bandwidth content, such as audio and video, over an intranet.

answer Nov 16, 2017 by Willow Wilson