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What is the use of Extranet, Internet and Intranet sites in Sharepoint 2010?

0 votes
What is the use of Extranet, Internet and Intranet sites in Sharepoint 2010?
posted Feb 24, 2017 by Jdk

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1 Answer

0 votes
  • Intranet Site in Sharepoint 2010 provides the management of the documents and files within the same location and provides a centralized access to the applications.

  • Extranet Sites in Sharepoint 2010 provides password protected access to the people and information and it also uses the web technology to make it easier for people to use it.

  • It supplies business process and provide a shared collaboration to people and enterprises.

  • Internet sites in Sharepoint 2010 use the publishing feature and provide a way to manage the larger public information and websites.

  • It is used to manage the large database and provide the information to the larger public that is being attached to it.

answer Mar 9, 2017 by Shivaranjini
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