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Use of NoSQL databases for 4G LTE EPC network elements

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Does anyone have experience with or awareness of the use of NoSQL databases for 4G LTE EPC network elements such as the HSS or PCRF? These network elements might deal with huge amounts of subscriber data (depending on the subscriber base). These days, the use of NoSQL databases are common among the Internet companies. However, being a relatively newer technology underlining a paradigm shift, as compared to RDBMS, there might not be a large number of instances of the use of NoSQL technology in the Telecommunications industry.

I am looking for feedback on this aspect, and if NoSQL technology is being used, which kind of store (out of Key-Value, Document-based, Column-based, Graph-based) is being used, especially for such elements as HSS or PCRF.

Thank you!

posted Jun 18, 2015 by anonymous

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A lot of companies are trying to develop EPC solutions based on No-SQL, but AFAIK there is hardly any installation (or may be very less).

Relational databases enforces ACID. And suitable for 99% of the real world applications.Though there are limitations on speed and scaling when it comes to massive high availability data stores. For example, Google and Amazon have terabytes of data stored in big data centers.

Now coming to HSS/PCRF, it does not seems that DB in HSS/PCRF is of terabyte of range so may not be a suitable case of No-SQL.

For example QueryHome have 200+ tables and more then 50000 posts in DB. And we dont see any reason to move to NO-SQL in near future.

Lets wait for others to comment if someone has any exp in it.
I agree with Salil point of view, there is hardly any live installation. HSS PCRF or FGW is not a big enough database to leverage the beauty of No-SQL. Even StackOverflow and Quora is running on MYSQL with such a huge DB.

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I am analysing designing an abstraction layer over a select few NoSQL and SQL databases.


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Being inexperienced; it is hard to know a nice way of abstracting search. For conciseness in my explanation, think of Table as being table, object, entity or key; and name as being name or type.

Maybe res =

Or on multiple Table:
`res = AbstractDB().AbstractSearch(


Then: res.paginate(limit=25, offset=5)

Or if you want all: res.all()

And additionally borrow/alias from a relevant subset of PEP249, e.g.: fetchone and fetchmany

Will open-source this once it's of sufficient functionality. Any suggestion