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How many types of NoSQL databases are available?

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How many types of NoSQL databases are available?
posted Oct 29, 2017 by Jdk

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Does anyone have experience with or awareness of the use of NoSQL databases for 4G LTE EPC network elements such as the HSS or PCRF? These network elements might deal with huge amounts of subscriber data (depending on the subscriber base). These days, the use of NoSQL databases are common among the Internet companies. However, being a relatively newer technology underlining a paradigm shift, as compared to RDBMS, there might not be a large number of instances of the use of NoSQL technology in the Telecommunications industry.

I am looking for feedback on this aspect, and if NoSQL technology is being used, which kind of store (out of Key-Value, Document-based, Column-based, Graph-based) is being used, especially for such elements as HSS or PCRF.

Thank you!

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How many types of HO is available?If UE moves one cell to another cell which is controlled by same ENb does this require HO?