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Which RLC SDU's are associated with PDCP and which are associated with RRC?

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Which RLC SDU's are associated with PDCP and which are associated with RRC?
posted Jun 13, 2015 by anonymous

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Could not get your question correctly, did u mean AM/TM/UM of RLC.

1 Answer

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RLC SDUs which need support of PDCP SN/SFN, Integrity, Ciphering or Integrity & Ciphering both mapped to PDCP layer. But there are some other types of RRC data that passes through RLC layer which doesn't need any support of the PDCP layer. These different types of data are carried over using different logical channels.

These are following logical channels supported in LTE technology.
- BCCH (RLC SDU maps with RRC)
- PCCH (RLC SDU maps with RRC)
- CCCH (RLC SDU maps with RRC)
- DCCH (RLC SDU maps with RRC, PDCP)
- DTCH (RLC SDU maps with PDCP)

There are another set of logical channels that are used to support eMBMS features.
I am not sure about these two channels and their mapping to PDCP.

answer Jun 13, 2015 by Harshita
Thanks Harshita. Is it like RLC TM PDUs does not need PDCP support and directly goes through RRC?
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