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How does LTE manage congestion in the EnodeB?

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How does LTE manage congestion in the EnodeB?
posted Apr 7, 2015 by anonymous

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I am not sure that 'practical things' such as congestion handling is strictly predefined by the standards. And if not, it means that each vendor might have different solutions for such issues.
On the other hand, see a similar question here:

1 Answer

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This is a vendor specific case.

Operators in general have their own algo algorithms that are used to tackle capacity issues. For instance, Huawei offers a dynamic UL dimensioning algorithm, hence one hardly experience any UL capacity related problems (excluding the cases where your physical limit, i.e. number of PRBs etc, is not sufficient), whereas NSN requires you to manually dimension UL PUCCH/RACH bands based on your capacity requirements.

answer Apr 13, 2015 by anonymous
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This is not a usual case. Assume an eNodeB has multiple bearers (GBR and non-GBR) with the UE, eNodeB enforces subscribed downlink data rate by using the different scheduling algorithm. Can eNodeB reject the uplink grant assuming UE is crossing its subscribed limit ?