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I would like to know the behavior of GGSN when it receives ASR from OCS

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I would like to know the behavior of GGSN when it receives ASR(Abort-Session-Request) from OCS(Online Charging System).

As I have gone through the RFC 3588, it was not explicitly stated that GGSN should report the usage of existing services(classified based on Rating-Group/Service-Identifier).

Could some explain here what is the expected behavior from GGSN?

Will GGSN come back to OCS with CCR-T with USU for all the existing services? Please shed some lights on this topic.

Can the below behavior be expected from GGSN? Appreciate your response on this topic.

posted Mar 12, 2015 by Alok Sharma

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According the RRFC6733/RFC3588, how to react to an ASR is implementation specific and in this specific case, this needs to be defined by 3GPP.

1 Answer

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As per my understanding GGSN will send CCR-T for the bearer with Used-Serivce-Units for all the Rating Groups/Service-Ids


answer Mar 12, 2015 by Peeyush Sharma
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