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How does the GGSN know the IMSI of the mobile station in case it receives downlink pdp pdu (packet)?

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Incoming downlink data

posted Apr 5, 2017 by Ahmed Magdy

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As I know P-TMSI is used for addressing the UE for paging, is there a possibility for that IMSI is used for addressing the UE in paging.

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Is there any difference as compare to LTE ?

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I would like to know the behavior of GGSN when it receives ASR(Abort-Session-Request) from OCS(Online Charging System).

As I have gone through the RFC 3588, it was not explicitly stated that GGSN should report the usage of existing services(classified based on Rating-Group/Service-Identifier).

Could some explain here what is the expected behavior from GGSN?

Will GGSN come back to OCS with CCR-T with USU for all the existing services? Please shed some lights on this topic.

Can the below behavior be expected from GGSN? Appreciate your response on this topic.