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Teradata BTET from Informtica

+1 vote

I have a requirement to call Teradata BTET from Informatica . can any one tell me that if I create a flow ( in one single mapping ) with a ---

--dummy talble as source and target and write into its pre-sql:

begin transaction;

lock A for write;

--after this I create a my flow of mapping where I will insert data in A table

--then in last I have a flow with same dummy table whose post-sql has command

end transaction;

will this work?

posted Feb 12, 2015 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

0 votes

You can write pre-SQL and pos t-SQL for the main flow itself.

answer Feb 16, 2015 by Shweta Singh
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I have installed teradata express VMware (Linux). Able to connect to database using bteq and sql assistant located inside VM. But i need to install the Informatica in my host Windows and access the teradata database in Linux VM.

Is that possible? Please help me on how to do that?

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Teradata : JANUVIA - 50MG – TABLET - 1 BLISTER - 28 TABLET (28.TA) ORacle: JANUVIA - 50MG ? TABLET - 1 BLISTER - 28 TABLET (28.TA)

We are using code page 'ms windows latin 1 (ansi) superset of latin1' for source connection i.e. Teradata.

We are using code page UTF 8 for target

+3 votes

I am using below self join query as Lookup override in informatica. This is running fine in teradata.

       A.enp_no    AS ENP_NBR, 
       B.sla_cd    AS SLA_CODE 
FROM   edb_man_work.emp A, 
       edb_man_work.emp B 
WHERE  A.company_no = Trim(Cast(B.enp_no AS INTEGER)) 
       AND A.region_cd = B.region_cd 

This is running fine in teradata but while running in mapping it is giving error

as Column SLA_CD is ambiguous.

I am not sure why this is giving this type of error.

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My PreSQL query in the WorkFlow of Informatica has 2 parts:

Insert query
Refresh Stats procedure call
When no semicolon ; is present between these 2 parts, the record count is given in Millions. When a semicolon ';' is present the record count is given in Thousands.

Two Questions:

Why is it not throwing an Error for the absence of a semicolon?
Why the increased record count?