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Record count increases in PreSQL-Informatica in the absence of Semicolon(;), Database : Teradata

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My PreSQL query in the WorkFlow of Informatica has 2 parts:

Insert query
Refresh Stats procedure call
When no semicolon ; is present between these 2 parts, the record count is given in Millions. When a semicolon ';' is present the record count is given in Thousands.

Two Questions:

Why is it not throwing an Error for the absence of a semicolon?
Why the increased record count?

posted Aug 25, 2014 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

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From the documentation:

Use a semicolon (;) to separate multiple statements. The Integration Service issues a commit after each statement.
The Designer does not validate the SQL.

It will not throw an error in power center because is not validating it. You can check logs on what SQL is getting passed to teradata and execute the same outside (any other client) to investigate on the row count diffference.

answer Aug 26, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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Teradata : JANUVIA - 50MG – TABLET - 1 BLISTER - 28 TABLET (28.TA) ORacle: JANUVIA - 50MG ? TABLET - 1 BLISTER - 28 TABLET (28.TA)

We are using code page 'ms windows latin 1 (ansi) superset of latin1' for source connection i.e. Teradata.

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I am trying to get a resultset from Teradata stored Procedure to my Mapping.

The stored procedure is to hold multiple select statements and the final output is to be sent to informatica. Below is a sample of how the select statement looks like

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sel 'INH3' AS QC_CODE,count(*) from table 3

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can anyone tell me how to create mapping for the following scenario:

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1         x                2         X
2         Y                2         Y
3         X                1         z
4         Y
5         Z
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