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Why is BTET transaction processing overhead in Teradata?

+4 votes
Why is BTET transaction processing overhead in Teradata?
posted Dec 11, 2013 by Neeraj Pandey

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1 Answer

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  • BTET makes all the queries running between BT and ET as single transaction . If any of query fails then the entire set of queries will not be committed.

  • BTET also has an overhead with locking , since it holds locks on tables till the ET is occured or all the queries have executed successfully

  • DDL statements cannot be used everywhere in BTET processing , but these statements can be given towards the end of BTET transaction.

  • Using large number of BTET caused transient Journal to grow and has tendancy for System Restarts

answer Jul 17, 2017 by Manikandan J
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I have a requirement to call Teradata BTET from Informatica . can any one tell me that if I create a flow ( in one single mapping ) with a ---

--dummy talble as source and target and write into its pre-sql:

begin transaction;

lock A for write;

--after this I create a my flow of mapping where I will insert data in A table

--then in last I have a flow with same dummy table whose post-sql has command

end transaction;

will this work?