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How to apply operator determined barring for User using insert subscriber data?

+4 votes
How to apply operator determined barring for User using insert subscriber data?
posted Feb 11, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

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I would like to share my understanding whatever I gained by studying about this procedure.
HSS uses "Insert-Subscriber-Data-Request" message to notify MME about any update in user's subscription data.
Insert-Subscriber-Data-Request message has "Subscription-Data" AVP which in turn has sub AVP "Operating-Determined-Barring" AVP. Operator-Determined-Barring AVP is of type unsinged 32 and it contains bitmask to represent each different barring class.

bit 0 to 8 are defined and on/off of each and individual bit notify to MME that which of the feature/service is barred.

answer Feb 12, 2015 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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The HSS/HLR generates an Insert-Subscriber-Data (Stand-Alone) to the MME/SGSN including ODB parameter with the All-packet-Oriented bit.
Is that cause the deletion of the on-going PDP-context/Bearer?
Can you please indicate evidence in the 3GPP specifications.

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In Diameter S6a specification (3GPP 29.272), it is indicated that the full procedure for Delete-Subscriber-Data from the HSS should be described in the 3GPP 23.401
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