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Diameter S6a: Delete subscriber data from HSS

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In Diameter S6a specification (3GPP 29.272), it is indicated that the full procedure for Delete-Subscriber-Data from the HSS should be described in the 3GPP 23.401
However, I don't see any clear reference there.
Do you know where I can find it, especially for the deletion of one of the APN-configuration in the MME

posted Dec 19, 2019 by Michael Semama

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PDN connection is already established to a PDN-GW (PDN GW address was resolved by DNS resolution)
The HSS sends to the serving MME, S6a-IDR (Insert Subscriber Data) where the PGW-address (MIP6-Agent-info AVP) set to another IP-address is specified in the APN configuration.
Should the MME immediately tear down the existing PDN connection and re-establish a new connection with the PDN-GW present in the IDR message?

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Does Mme also sends Purge(PUR) to HSS before sending delete session request to SGW when MME receives detach request from enodeb side ?
It would be great if you give your valuable suggestion ?

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what mme does once mme gets ULA(update location answer ) from HSS with respect to egtpc?
what all scenario are available ?

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